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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Under the umbrella of the initiatives of Ace Tennis Academy, we are embarking on a new phase of our journey as Africa Tennis Connect dedicated to leveraging the transformative power of sports, enhanced by technology, to drive positive societal change.


Our focus is on addressing socio-economic challenges, revolutionizing the sports industry in Ghana and Africa sustainably.


Using tennis as a vehicle, we aim to empower communities, foster job growth, and champion environmental responsibility, making a lasting impact on a broader scale.

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A Story of Triumph Over Adversity

I am Naa Shika, the founder of Ace Tennis Academy and Africa Tennis Connect, born and raised in Accra, Ghana. My journey began in my childhood in Ghana, where my parents introduced me to tennis.


Despite the initial opportunities, I faced the challenges familiar to many young African female players – the struggle with insufficient funding for a professional career. After unsuccessful attempts in WTA Futures tournaments in Italy, I decided to reshape my life.

In hindsight, the setbacks and obstacles turned into an opportunity to rebrand, identify, and address the issues I once encountered. I transformed my personal challenges into a mission to create a more accessible and supportive environment for aspiring tennis players.


As we evolve into Africa Tennis Connect, the commitment remains unwavering: to train more talented Ghanaian and African players and produce accomplished athletes for national and international competitions.


We aim to utilize tennis as a catalyst for societal development, fostering skill enhancement, creating jobs, and promoting gender equality. The journey, which commenced with personal struggles, has evolved into a mission to inspire positive change through the powerful medium of sports.

Naa Shika Adu
Founder Africa Tennis Connect &
Ace Tennis Academy Ghana

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