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Community Outreach/ Nima

''Everyone should have the chance to thrive and succeed. But how can this be achieved through sports?''

Pic: Ace Tennis Academy

Leveraging Tennis and Technology for Socio-Economic Transformation

"The African continent has one of the youngest age demographics in the world with a median age of 19.7 years compared to Asia at 32 years and North America at 38.6 years"




Source: UN SDGs report, 2019

Pic: Ace Tennis Academy

How Does It Work?

In an era where the transformative potential of sports and technology is undeniable, Africa Tennis Connect (ATC) stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to reshaping lives and communities.


At ATC, our mission is crystal clear: to harness the unparalleled power of sports, particularly tennis, and the cutting-edge capabilities of technology to drive socioeconomic development across Ghana and Africa. ​

Through a harmonious blend of passion, dedication, and strategic planning, we have formulated a multifaceted approach that empowers the youth, creates opportunities, and fosters holistic growth.


​Welcome to a world where the synergy between sports, technology, and societal progress knows no bounds.

Pic: Ace Tennis/ Orphanage Project

Pic: Ace Tennis Academy/ Nima Project

Pic: Ace Tennis/Schools Project

Pic: Ace Tennis/ Women Nima Project

Pic: Ace Tennis Academy/ Nima Project

Pic: Ace Tennis/ OrphanageProject

Pic: Ace Tennis/ OrphanageProject

Pic: Ace Tennis/ OrphanageProject

Capacity building Program for Female Coaches

Addressing the scarcity of female coaches and sports instructors in Ghana and Africa, we launched a dedicated training program for women in sports, particularly open to female athletes in universities or undergraduates.

This initiative equips them with essential tennis coaching skills, providing a pathway to earn a living through sports. A highly impactful endeavor, it has notably increased girls' participation in tennis and fostered a sense of confidence among parents, encouraging the active involvement of their daughters in sports.

Pic: Ace Tennis Academy

Pic: Ace Tennis Academy

Recipients of the Female Coaches Empowerment Program:
Margaret Obaaya Tuffour - Right
Leticia Zormelo - Left

Pic: Ace Tennis Academy/ Tennis Clinic with Osu children's home

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